15 Cool Asymmetric Haircuts Because Perfect Hair Is Overrated


It’s easy to get bored with your hair. It’s also easy to not make major hair switch-ups because they’re scary. But hair changes are good. You’ve probably second-guessed your haircut millions of times by now (we all do), but it’s time to make the chop. Instead of going the traditional route, try out an asymmetrical haircut. It’s technically when you go shorter on one side and keep the other side of your hair’s length a little longer at an angle.

Asymmetric hairstyles add an undeniable cool factor to cuts. Since your hair is two different lengths, it brings dimension by framing your face and most importantly, it looks amazing in photos. From sleek styles to curly and textured, these cuts work for all textures.

How can we ever forget Rihanna’s iconic asymmetrical bob she debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007? She spruced up this sleek, jet-black cut with a touch of blonde highlights in her bangs.
Ashley Olsen looks regal in this blonde lob. By keeping one side of her hair slightly shorter and tucking it behind her hair, she added so much structure to the shape of her cut.
IMO, Cara Delevingne can do no wrong when it comes to hair. The model has tried about every hairstyle in the book and has won every time. These pin-up curls cut in a subtle asymmetric style look like the epitome of Old Hollywood glamor.
Kim Kardashian’s brown asymmetrical lob is somehow incredibly simple yet sultry. The fact that it’s bone-straight shows off its chestnut brown color and face-framing shape.
Taraji P. Henson is the queen of bobs, so of course the actress has rocked asymmetrical cuts many, many times. This time, in particular, is a beautiful example of how showstopping this style looks with tousled waves.
Yes to supermodel Jourdan Dunn’s cheek-grazing bob. The angle of this cut falls perfectly against her face. We can’t pick on whether we’re more in love with her glossy curls or her cut.
Rita Ora edged up her cut with bangs that gradually get longer swept across her face with cropped styles. This is what you call an asymmetric cut that’s not for the faint of the heart.
Kristen Stewart looks like the ultimate badass with this dimensional style. Keeping most of her length and texture on one side, this structural style shows how flattering this cut can look.
Oh, Reese. This is arguably one of our favorite styles the actress has donned on the red carpet. The way her blonde bombshell hue complements her bluntly cut ends makes this a perfect pair.
When Anne Hathaway went short and revealed this modern take on a classic bob, we were here for it. Her wispy waves looked great too.
January Jones looks angelic in these platinum curls. Her asymmetric cut accentuates her curls even more by letting one side hang low on top of her shoulders while keeping the other short length gently tucked behind her ear.
Marion Cotillard is a vision in this brunette bob done right. Her side-swept bangs go so well with this angled cut.
I mean, can Ginnifer Goodwin’s hair get any more picturesque than this? Now we’re on a hunt for a step-by-step tutorial of this specific style because we’ve never seen a fluttery cut look cooler.
Charlize Theron’s pale blonde bob goes down in history as dream hair if we’ve ever seen it. Her deep side part makes her bangs fall perfectly over her right eye.
You seriously can’t talk about asymmetrical cuts without talking about Victoria Beckham. The precision of this cut paired with the shine factor of her hair is unreal.


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